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EN-SS14-P-FVH Product Overview

Product Overview :

The Xitranet© SportsPro© 'Professional' Sporting Club Supa-Site© :

The Xitranet 'Sportspro Supa-Site©' is the perfect tool for Sports Clubs wanting to organize comps & maintain contact members.

The SportsPro© Professional Supa-Site© has been developed to provide Sporting Club Operators with an Easy To use Tool, which features Competition Ladders, Player & Team Profiles and On-line shop for merchandise sales 24/7.

This Is A 'Full Version & Hosting' Supa-Site©

Purchase Process :

Supa-Site© Purchase Process :

There are three (3) stages in your Supa-Site© purchase process.

Stage 1 : Purchase

First you purchase for your Supa-Site© (This Stage - Below) using PayPal© (PayPal© accepts all major brands of Credit Card). PayPal© will send confirmation of payment Emails to the Email address you specify in during the payment process.

Stage 2 : Specify

After your successful payment a Supa-Site© specification form will be displayed. On that form you will need to enter all the required information (Proposed name of your Supa-Site©, Admin email address for your Supa-Site© & so on). There are no complicated questions & you do not have to enter any technical information.

Stage 3 : Delivery

Work will commence on creating your Supa-Site© within 24hr after receipt of your 'Supa-Site© Specification'. You will recieve an Email advising you of new 'Login' details for 'en.xitranet.com'. After receipt of those 'en.xitranet.com' 'Login' details you will be able to log into en.xitranet.com & check the 'Specification' & 'Build Status' of your Supa-Site© (by selecting 'Supa-Site© Specification' from your 'Shell-06 Owner Menu'), access Tutorials, access Application set-up guides & download your 'Supa-Site© User Manual' etc.

Domain Name : During the Supa-Site© specification process you will be asked to enter either an existing 'Domain Name' (Eg : joesdiner.com) that you already own, which we will apply to your new Supa-Site©, or if you don't yet have a registered 'Domain Name' just enter your preferred 'Domain Name' & we will check its availability for you (Note : One (1) '.com' 'Domain Name' registration is included within the cost of your Supa-Site©, other 'Domain Name Types' (Eg: '.uk', '.org' etc.) are available at extra cost if available).

Logo File : During the Supa-Site© specification process you will also have the opportunity to 'Upload' a Logo file (Acceptable formats are '.jpg' & '.png' with a maximum size of 250kb). If you don't have a logo file ready now, don't worry, you can upload it later.

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