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EN-SS01-D-FVCH Product Overview

Product Overview :

The Xitranet© "Room Chief©" 'Deluxe' Accommodation Bookings Supa-Site© : Real time On-line bookings & reservations 24/7 plus much more !

The RoomChief© 'Deluxe' Accommodation Bookings Supa-Site© offers 'On-line' 'Accommodation Bookings' Plus 'Restaurant', 'Appointements' & 'Paid Event' Bookings, available 24/7 via the Internet.

Take your Accommodation Venue to the next level ! Offer Accommodation Bookings over the Internet &/or Phone, Fax or Walk-In. Save all those 'Bookings' in one place for easy access & control.  Add the extra income generation potential of 'Restaurant Table Bookings', 'Appointement Bookings' (For 'Guest' services such as 'Massage', 'Spa' or 'Tennis Court Bookings') and 'Paid Event Bookings' (For 'Xmas Parties', 'Monthly Diner Dances' etc.).

You might not need all the 'Deluxe' features now, but the 'Deluxe' allows you to expand & grow your business in new directions by providing addition 'Booking Facilities' for your use as & when you need them !

Selected Version Type :

Congratulations ! You Have Selected Our 'Top Of The Range'

'Full Version & Creative & Hosting' Supa-Site©

Purchase Process :

Supa-Site© Purchase Process :

There are three (3) stages in your Supa-Site© purchase process.

Stage 1 : Purchase

First you purchase for your Supa-Site© (This Stage - Below) using PayPal© (PayPal© accepts all major brands of Credit Card). PayPal© will send confirmation of payment Emails to the Email address you specify in during the payment process.

Stage 2 : Specify

After your successful payment a Supa-Site© specification form will be displayed. On that form you will need to enter all the required information (Proposed name of your Supa-Site©, Admin email address for your Supa-Site© & so on). There are no complicated questions & you do not have to enter any technical information.

Stage 3 : Delivery

Work will commence on creating your Supa-Site© within 24hr after receipt of your 'Supa-Site© Specification'. You will recieve an Email advising you of new 'Login' details for 'en.xitranet.com'. After receipt of those 'en.xitranet.com' 'Login' details you will be able to log into en.xitranet.com & check the 'Specification' & 'Build Status' of your Supa-Site© (by selecting 'Supa-Site© Specification' from your 'Shell-06 Owner Menu'), access Tutorials, access Application set-up guides & download your 'Supa-Site© User Manual' etc.

Domain Name : During the Supa-Site© specification process you will be asked to enter either an existing 'Domain Name' (Eg : joesdiner.com) that you already own, which we will apply to your new Supa-Site©, or if you don't yet have a registered 'Domain Name' just enter your preferred 'Domain Name' & we will check its availability for you (Note : One (1) '.com' 'Domain Name' registration is included within the cost of your Supa-Site©, other 'Domain Name Types' (Eg: '.uk', '.org' etc.) are available at extra cost if available).

Logo File : During the Supa-Site© specification process you will also have the opportunity to 'Upload' a Logo file (Acceptable formats are '.jpg' & '.png' with a maximum size of 250kb). If you don't have a logo file ready now, don't worry, you can upload it later.

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