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Franchises & Sales Agencies :


Xitranet© EN (English Language Group) Franchises & Sales Agencies

Xitranet© 'Franchises' & ' Sales Agencies' :

Franchisees : Build a business in your 'Country' focused on internet website sales & on-line advertising.

Local Publisher 'Franchise' : You've got the team, the product & the contacts, now expand your existing print based news publication onto the web with our 'Local News & Community Website Plus Ad Server' package & become the print & internet 'Hub' of your community.

Sales & Marketing professionals : Get into the expanding online website & interent sales and advertising business with a quality product range that features excellent margins & repeat business potential.

Xitranet© 'Language Group Franchises' are for individuals & corporations wishing to develope a globaly orientated business based on a specific written 'Language' & designed to grow using Franchising on a 'Country by Country' basis.

Xitranet© 'Country Franchises' are for individuals & corporations wanting to develope & expand an internet sales & on-line advertising business within their 'Country' utilizing 'Local Franchising' & 'Sales Agencies'.

Xitranet© 'LocalNEWS Franchises' are ideal for Regional & Local Newspaper Publishers looking for a way to leverage their exisitng systems & media product into the internet market.


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Xitranet© Sales Agencies - Two types : 'Active Sales Agencies' are ideal for Self Motivated Sales & Marketing Professionals & Resellers looking for a way to build a Internet sales & on-line advertising business in your local area in association with your 'Local Franchisee' & 'Passive Sales Agencies' for Resellers.

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