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Supa-Site© Compatible Hosts

Supa-Site© 'Host' Compatibility :

This Information Is Only Relevant To Clients Who Already Have An "Existing Website" :

Supa-Site© Compatibility :

Supa-Site's© can be installed onto most modern 'Hosting Servers' that meets both our 'Minimum Technical Specification' & our 'Supa-Site© Compatibility Criteria' (See below).

Some Supa-Site© Clients may already have a Website with an associated 'Domain Name' (That they already own) which is currently 'Hosted' on a 'Hosting Server' which they have already paid for. Those Clients may wish to have their new Supa-Site© installed into that existing 'Hosting Server' as a potential cost saving measure.

Not all existing website 'Hosting Servers' have the technical capacity to 'Host' a Supa-Site©. Supa-Sites© require advanced functionality. 'Hosts' such as Facebook©, MySpace© & GoDaddy© are not compatible with the needs of our advanced Supa-Sites©.


Existing Website 'Host' Compatibility Check List :

Supa-Site© Compatibility Criteria :

An Existing Website 'Hosting Server' Is Considered 'Supa-Site© Compatible' Only If It Meets ALL Four (4) Of The Following 'Hosting Server' Criteria :

  1. The Owner (You) Can Add 'New Email Addresses' To Your 'Existing Website' :

Email Addresses : For functionality reasons most "Supa-Sites© Types" require 4 unique default Email addresses in order to operate. Each of these 4 unique default Email addresses relates to one of 4 default Supa-Site© "Users" :(Default 'Users' are - 'MasterUser', 'Manager01', 'Employee01' & 'CounterStaff01').

Each of these Default "Users" needs to be allocated an Email address when your Supa-Sites© is installed. As such, only existing 'Websites Hosts' than allow the creation of new Email addresses can Host a Supa-Site©.

Options for Clients who can't add new Email addresses to their "Existing Website" include :

Purchase a Supa-Site© that includes a 'Hosting Package', then ask us to transfer your existing "Domain Name" to the location of your new Supa-Site©.

  1. Your 'Existing Website" Must Resides In It's Own 'Domain' :

A "Domain" is indicated by the "Web Address" ("Domain Name") of that Website, eg:

"jos-diner.com" resides in its own 'Domain'.

"jos-diner.somename.com"  indicates that "jos-dinner" is located in a "Sub-Domain" of "somename.com".

A 'Sub-Domain' is not a real domain & thus no suitable for a Supa-Site© install.

Options for Clients who have an 'Existing Website' located in a 'Sub Domain' :

Purchase a Supa-Site© that includes a "Hosting Package" & register a new "Domain Name" during the Supa-Site© specification process, salvage & re-cycle the "Content" from your old website, inform your Clients that in order to offer them "Higher levels of service" you have "Up-graded" your web presence which has resulted in a new "Web Address" for your business, then delete your old website.

  1. You Can Supply Xitranet© With Your Existing Website's 'Host's' cPanel access 'Username & Password' :

Xitranet© needs "cPanel" (Control Panel) access to your existing website's Host Server in order to upload & configure your new Supa-Site©. If you are not sure about "Cpanel"  access,  Email your current websites "Webmaster" & ask about getting "Cpanel Access". Your 'Hosting Provider' will know exactly what you are talking about. Xitranet© can't upload & install your new Supa-Site© without "Cpanel" access.

For Clients who can't get 'Cpanel' access to their 'Existing Website' 'Hosting Server', we are sorry, but there's only one option available:

Purchase a Supa-Site© that includes a "Hosting Package", either register a new "Domain Name" during the Supa-Site© specification process or then ask us to transfer your existing "Domain Name" to the location of your new Supa-Site©, then salvage & re-cycle the "Content" from your old website, then delete your old website.

  1. Your Existing 'Hosting Providers' 'Server' Meets Our 'Minimum Technical Specification' requirements (See below) :

Minimun Technical Specification Requirements :

Supa-Site© Technical Specification :

Below is the 'Minimum Technical Specification' for successful Supa-Site© installation on any 'Hosting Providers' Server :

  • Apache/2.4.4 (Unix) or higher
  • PHP Version 5.4.16 or higher
  • MySQL 5.0.10 or higher
  • Zend Scripting Language Engine enable
  • OpenSSL 1.0.1e enable
  • mod_perl/2.0.8-dev Perl/v5.16 enable
  • cURL 7.30.0 support enable
  • DBA support enabled
  • DOM/XML enabled
  • GD Support enabled
  • Hash support enabled
  • IMAP c-Client Version 2007e or higher
  • SSL Support enabled
  • JSON version 1.2.1 or higher
  • Soap Client / Server enabled
  • Sockets Support enabled
  • XML Support active
  • XML Namespace Support active
  • libxml2 Version 2.8.
  • XSL enabled

To determine if a 'Hosting Provider' has the capacity to 'Host' your Supa-Site©, 'Copy & Paste' the above specification into an Email & send it to your 'Hosting Provider' for compatibility confirmation.

Also have your 'Hosting Provider' confirm that you can add Email addresses to your 'Domain' & that they can provide you with 'Username & Password' access to your 'Domains' 'cPanel' (Control Panel) Application on their Server (Xitranet© needs 'Domain' 'cPanel' access in order to install a Supa-Site© & setup Email addresses).