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Supa-Site© Creative

Supa-Site© Creative Package :

Supa-Sites© Types | 'Creative' Package :

Our 'Creative Package' is for Supa-Site© Owners who require assistance with material preperation for their Supa-Site©. Our 'Creative' Package' can include Graphic Design work, Copywriting, Photo Enhancement & more.

Xitranet© standard Supa-site© "Creative package" :

Our standard "Creative Package" covers the cost of a fixed amount of 'Creative' time that will be spent by us or our sub-contractors on 'Creating', 'Enhancing' or 'Modifying' material for inclusion within a Clients Supa-Site©.

If a Client chooses to purchase a Supa-Site© 'Type' 'Version' that includes a 'Creative Package', then during the purchase process that Client will be able to select one or more options from a 'Creative Brief' :

So that the Client can fully explain what they need, they can also type in a description of the work required :

Note : Creative Time Is Expensive so Clients are advised to be realistic & only specify 'Creative' work be carried out on material that they consider vital to the success of their Supa-Site© (Eg : 'Photo Enhancement' of Frontpage images, punchy copywriting for their Supa-Site's© overview etc.). 

A Designer &/or Copywriter will be appointed to that Clients 'Creative Brief'. Dependent upon the 'Creative' items selected by the Client from their 'Creative Brief' the Client will receive instructions from and liase directly with that Designer &/or Copywriter by Email.

Once 'Draft' material has been approved by that Client, the approved material will be forwarded to the Client by Email ready for insertion into their Supa-Site©.

A running balance of time expended is kept & displayed on that Clients 'Supa-Site© Spec' page. A Clients 'Supa-Site© Spec' is an option accessible from that Clients 'EN | S-06 | Owner Menu' which is visible within that Clients 'Help Desk' area.

Clicking 'Supa-Site© Spec' opens that Clients Supa-Site© Specification which includes the 'Creative Brief' section :

Best Practice : Clients are advised to initially specify work be carried out on material that they consider vital to the success of their Supa-Site©. If 'Creative Time' remains after the creation of those vital elements, then the Client can have the remaining creative time expended on other creative tasks.

Additional 'Creative' Time : Can be purchased through that Clients 'EN | S-06 | Owner Menu' in hourly lots as required.

Surplus Time : If surplus time exists after completion of the 'Creative Tasks' specified by the Client, the balance can either be applied to that Clients 'Help Desk' account balance or retained 'On Account' & be applied to additional future 'Creative' work costs.

Time Exceeded : If a Clients 'Creative' requirements exceed the time available, they will be informed by Email that extra hourly creative time charges will apply if work proceeds. A quotation for any additional work will be sent to the Client, and additional work will only commence after Email receipt of Client approval for additional work. Clients will be billed COD & can pay for additional work via the 'My Accont' option on their 'EN | S-06 | Owner Menu'.

Arbitration : Because the acceptability of any creative work prepared for a Client is subjective, the Client will agree that Xitranet© will be the final arbitrator in any dispute regarding the quality of any item produced &/or its fitness for any purpose. In the case of any dispute arising regarding the quality of the final item &/or its fitness for any purpose, Xitranet© will endeavor to mediate in order to generate a satisfactory result but Xitranet's© determination will be final.