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Supa-Site© Integrated Application :


PWC26 : Xitranets© Job Listing Application | "Job Board Raja©"

Direct from the sub-continent comes 'Raja Career', the easy to use but powerful jobs & career board included with your Supa-Site©If you want to display job opportunities / job vacancies on your Supa-Site© 'Raja Career' will 'Do the job' – and very, very well !!

Raja Career Features :

  1. Supports Multiple Categories for viewing a opportunity / vacancy.
  2. Captcha option to prevent spam.
  3. Auto-Email after submission of job application to both your Administrator & the User.
  4. Frontend style & options set in the Admin back end.
  5. Category View – Display’s all job Categories list.
  6. Single Category View - Display all job's under the selected Category.
  7. Career View - To display all the job's present in all the Categories.
  8. Unlimited number of categories and careers can be set from the back end.
  9. Settings for changing front end display & options for email settings.
  10. You can set the order for Job listing from the backend.
  11. Admin can see the user’s applied for jobs and their resume.
  12. You can select what file formats to allow for User uploads.
  13. Option to un-publishing Careers & Categories
  14. Uploaded files can download from the backend.

Raja Career 'Control Panel' : 

Job Board Raja | 'Frontend' - Job Listing screen :

Job Board Raja | 'Frontend' - Job Application screen :