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Supa-Site© Integrated Application :


PWC25 : Xitranets© User Forum Application | 'Kunena Forum©'

Kunena© Forum is the leading 'User Forum' Application & it is integrated into your Supa-Site©.

Kunena© Forum features pre-configured with 'Categories' that match your Supa-Site's©' built-in 'Higher Membership Levels'. For example, there are built-in, pre-configured Forum 'Categories' for 'VIP Members', 'Platinum Members', 'Gold Members' & so on. Kunena© provides you with an easy to use, yet feature rich administrative interface, that allows you to decide who and how 'Registered' & 'Higher Membership Level' Users access and contribute to your Supa-Site's©On-line community.

Kunena Forum Features :

  1. Setup a 'Welcome Mat' for new members to introduce themselves.
  2. Approve / Disallow 'Member' Forum posts.
  3. Check 'Member' uploads before they are 'Published'.
  4. Control over each 'Members' individual settings & Avatar.
  5. Adjust 'Member' Forum 'Rankings.
  6. Integrates with your Supa-Site's 'Loyal Points Application'.

Kunena Forum 'Control Panel' : 


Kunena | Forum Pre-Configured 'Forum Categories' (Matched to 'Higher Membership Levels' : 

Kunena | 'Frontend' - 'Member' Forum main screen, accessed from 'Member Menu' :