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Supa-Site© Integrated Application :


PWC19 : Xitranets© Website Security Application | "Akeeba Admin Tools©"

'Akeeba Admin Tools©' is a true Swiss Army knife for protecting your Supa-Site©.

This package runs automatically in the background, Protecting both the 'Public' Frontend & 'Administrative' Backend of your Supa-Site© - automatically fixing your files and directories 'Permissions', protecting your administrator directory, performing, database maintenance, maintaining 'IP White Lists' & 'IP Black Lists', monitoring & logging 'Security Exceptions' (Hack attempts, failed logins etc.)

Admin Tools is pre-configured on your Supa-Site© & does not require any additional setup.

Akeebs Backup 'Admin' 'Control Panel' : 

Akeeba Admin Tools Features :

  1. Web application firewall, with several key features.
  2. Disallow access to your site on specific IPs or blocks of IP addresses (IP black listing).
  3. Anti-spam based on a customizable list of words.
  4. SQLi Shield, dodging many SQL injection attacks.
  5. Malicious User Agent filtering & CSRF / Anti-Spam (reverse CAPTCHA) protection.
  6. Bad Behaviour integration & Project Honeypot IP blacklisting (HTTP:BL) integration.
  7. Automatic block for IPs repeatedly triggering 'Security Exceptions'.
  8. DFI (Direct file inclusion) detection.
  9. Uploads scanner (UploadShield) blocks uploaded files with suspicious names or containing PHP code anywhere inside them.
  10. Protection against the most common XSS attacks (XSSShield).
  11. One-click repair and optimisation of database tables.
  12. Email notification of successful administrator area log-ins.
  13. Email notification of 'Security Execptions'.
  14. Automatic '.htaccess' file creation.

 Akeeba Admin Tools 'Auto Run Plug-In' :

The 'Auto Run Plug-In' runs automatically in the background a specific pre-programmed times, cleaning & optimizing database tables, emptying your Supa-Site's© Cache plus several other optimization functions necessary to ensure optimal Supa-Site© security & performance.