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PWC16 | Quotations Application

Quotations Application :


This 'Core Application' is included within these Supa-Site© 'Types' :

PWC16 : Xitranets© On-Line Quotations Application | "Cal Builder©"

Calc Builder is the "State of the Art" Application for creating dynamic on-line quotations for 'Users'. 'Calcbuilder' is a highly flexible & relatively easy to use.

Calc Builder 'Admin' 'Control Panel' : 

Calc Builder Features Include :

  1. Interactive on-line quotation forms which can feature drop-down, User selectable "Options".
  2. Add, subtract, multiple & divide maths functions.
  3. Auto-send Quotation Email to you when Client Clicks the "Calculate" button.
  4. Quotation Email to Client.
  5. PDF download of printable quotation.

Calc Builder Set-Up :

Your Supa-Site© includes several pre-configured Calc Builder 'Calculators'. Each of the pre-configured 'Calculators' can be easily modified to provide the services you require. You can also create as many new 'Calculators' as you like using the tools included.

'Room Paint & Carpet' Example Calc Builder Quotation Calculator ('General' Tab shown) :

The key to success with Calc Builder is to plan your calculator out on paper first, identify all the 'Variables' (Eg: 'Room Lenght', 'Room Width', 'Ceiling Height' etc.) needed to construct the 'Equations' you need to generate a meaningful quotation for your Client, then transpose that information into Calc Builder.

If you already use MS Excel© for quotations you are already more than halfway there.

Calc Builder 'User' Data 'Input Fields' :

All 'User' information is inserted into Calc Builder through various types of 'Input Field'. Each 'Input Field' is used to capture a 'Value'. Each captured 'Value' is stored within a specific 'Variable'. You construct your equations using 'Variables'. Users input 'Values' into 'Variables' via your Supa-Sites© 'Frontend' Calc Builder form. Those 'Values' can then be used within an equation to generate a result.

For Example :

  1. Variable Name : 'Room Length'
  2. Variable Name : 'Room Width'
  3. Variable Name : 'Room Size'
  4. Calc Builder 'Equation' using the above 'Variable' names : 'Room Length' X 'Room Width' = 'Room Size'

In the 'Frontend' Users Input 'Values' into Calc Builder 'Variables' use a Calc Builder form :

  1. 'Room Length' : 10
  2. 'Room Width' : 5

Calc Builder captures those 'Variable' 'Values', executes the 'Equation' & responds with :

'Room Size' : 50

Successful Calc Builder calculator creation depends on you identifying all the 'Variables' you're going to need BEFORE you start constructing equations.

Frontend : Example Calc Builder Form.