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PWC06 | Restaurant Table Bookings

Table Bookings Application :


This 'Special Application' is also available in the 'Deluxe' version of this Supa-Site© :

PWC06 | Xitranet’s© Restaurant Table Booking "Special Application" | “Beesto TableBooker©” :

'Table Booker' is the 'State of the Art' application for taking on-line & making in-house restaurant table bookings. It is a highly flexible & easy to set-up & use.

There Are Just 2 Main Steps in the 'Backend' 'Table Bookings' Set-Up process :

'Table Bookings' System Set-Up :

  1. Setting up "table Bookings" is easy. Before you begin setting up 'Table Bookings' you will need to decide on the following :
  2. 'Reservation System' : Will you take "Reservations based upon free tables" or "Reservations based upon free places"
  3. "Booking Fees" : Will you charge a booking fee via PayPal for on-line Table bookings ?
  4. Specify your Daily "Hours of Operation" in 15 minute increments.
  5. Specify "Non-Working Days" (Eg: Xmas, Public Holidays, 'Event' days  etc.).
  6. Specify the average "Booking Length" (The average length of time taken to consume a meal - default is 60 minutes).

'Tables' Set-Up :

  1. Once you have decided upon the "Reservation System' you will use you will need to :
  2. Name & specify all your "Tables" in terms of "Minimum Capacity", "Full Capacity" & physical shape.
  3. Select The Type Of 'User Interface" your system will use : Choose "Whole Day At A Glance" or "Plan View Of Table Layout".

The 'Frontend' 'On-Line' Internet Table Reservation Process :

There Are Just 2 steps to complete a 'Frontend' On-Line Internet table booking.


Intuitive Table Search By : Date + Hour + Number of Places.

TableBooker© will search for an available table at your restaurant and if everything is OK the client will just need to add his name and email. And the table booking process is complete. Fast and simple.

Step #1 : "Find A Table"


Step #2 : Then you Client enters his/her contact details then clicks "Complete Booking". . .



Note : You can choose to use the included PayPal© payment gateway to charge table reservation fees.

'Backend' 'Table Bookings' Set-Up :

Reservation System Choice : 

When setting up 'Table Bookings' you will need to choose a type of 'Reservation System'.

'Reservations Based On Free Tables' :

This 'Reservation System' allows bookings for free tables only, meaning that a 'Table' is considered 'Free' if there are no bookings whatsoever for that 'Table' at the specified 'Timeslot'.

For example : If a 'Table' had a 'Minimum Capacity' of 2 persons & a 'Maximum Capacity' of 6 persons, then using this 'Reservation System' that 'Table' would be considered fully 'Booked' with one reservation for 2 persons at a given 'TImeslot'.

'Reservations Based On Free Places' :

This 'Reservation System' allows bookings by free places.

For example : If a 'Table' had a 'Minimum Capacity' of 2 persons & a 'Maximum Capacity' of 6 persons, then using this 'Reservation System' that 'Table' would only be considered fully 'Booked' when bookings for that 'Table' equal the 'Maximum Capacity' of that table ( Eg: 6 persons) at a given 'Timeslot'. The default "Reservation System" for your Supa-Site© is "Reservations Based On Free Tables".

General 'Set-Up' :

'Hours Of Operation' :

You will need to set-up the default 'Hours of Operation' for your Restaurant.

You tick the box for each 15 minute 'Timeslot' your Restaurant operates for each day of the week, then Click "Save",