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PWC05 | Social Networking Application

Social Networking Application :


PWC05 | Xitranet’s© Social Networking "Special Application" | “Jomsocial©” :

This award-winning social networking component allows you to create your own 'Social Network' with Photo and Video Galleries, Event Management, Activity Stream and other powerful features that work 'Out of the box'.

JomSocial 'Admin' 'Control Panel' : 


JomSocial© features:

  1. Friendship system.
  2. Easy to use File Sharing.
  3. Beautiful Featured media.
  4. Event Management to manage community activities.
  5. Media sharing with photos and videos gallery.
  6. Group Discussions provide customized level of sharing.
  7. Private communication with friends via private messages.
  8. Omnibox to post updates, photos, videos and events.
  9. 'Like' and 'Comment' on internal Activity Stream.
  10. Facebook friend inviter built-in.
  11. Cross update to and from Facebook.

JomSocial Overview :

Whether you are creating a Supa-Site© on-line business community, a Supa-Site© for gamers, or sports fans or creating a Supa-Site© for dating & relationships, Jomsocial allows you to custom build your own community the way you want it.

  1. JomSocial© is designed to quickly build your 'Member Base' and let them engage in social activities such as making new friends, voicing out opinions, sharing pictures and videos, managing events, or even launching a social revolution.
  2. JomSocial© has hundreds of extensions available from third party developers that can add more unique features to your social network. These extensions include file uploaders, music players, chat systems and translation file for various languages.

Social Network :

What sets JomSocial© apart is its powerful 'Social Stream' features. All 'Stream' items are highly interactive; you may 'like' or leave a 'comment' on the content. You can 'Comment' any stream item and notification will be sent to original poster, and to everyone else who has “liked” that same item. You can 'Filter' the stream to view all activities either by the site members or just your friends.

User Profile Management :

A social networking site has to offer unique features to its members that keep them coming back. JomSocial© is easy to customize and you can bring unique features and social environment to your site members.

Backend : JomSocial sync's with your core Supa-Site© 'Member Registration' system.


  1. Collect relevant data from your users. From the common profile such as High School and Hometown, you can ask users something more relevant to your site
  2. Advance members searching feature. You can then let your members find each other based on various criteria (For example : If you where establishing a “Dating” website you would set up your “Joining” form to include relevant questions).

Photo Gallery :

JomSocial's Fun to use Photo Gallery is the heart of your community. 'Members' can upload dozen of pictures in a single action using a built-in 'Drag-&-Drop' upload facility.


JomSocial comes with an amazing built-in photo gallery. Each 'Member' album is neatly displayed, coupled with interactive features such as 'Comment' and 'Like' system, photo tagging and content discovery modules

Videos :

User can either share existing videos ('Youtube' and 'Vimeo') or directly upload their own videos.


Member Events :

Easily manage your events with JomSocial's Event Manager. Setup an event anywhere in the world and it'll display in the Google maps. Set your events with JomSocial so that your 'Members' have the opportunity to engaged with each other - Nothing beats meeting your 'Members' face to face and having fun !


Manage your members, set an 'Invite Number limit' or even send out invitations so that they can RSVP to your event. Control attendance by making an 'Event' 'Private' or limit the number of available seats.

User Groups :

Sometimes it's more engaging to communicate in a smaller groups. JomSocial 'User Groups' allows your Community to interact at a more personal level. Every 'User Group' can have its own photos, videos and event sections, plus 'Discussion Board' and file sharing.

Backend : JomSocial 'User Group' setup.


Make your 'User Group' public if you need to attract the crowd. Or make your 'User Group' private. Private 'User Groups' require an invitation from a 'User Group Member' before anyone can join that 'User Group' and view its content.

Privacy Control :

Jomsocial takes user privacy very seriously and has a built-in, robust privacy control system. 'Members' can limit access to their Content to either the public, or 'Site Members' or 'Friends Only'. Your Supa-Site's© 'MasterUser' can set the default privacy setting for everyone.

Facebook Integration :

Having your own social network doesn't mean that you have to compete with the big boys such as Facebook. Instead, why not connect your Community site with Facebook to get additional features. With Facebook Connect, community members can 'Login' to your JomSocial 'Community' using their Facebook account credentials, they can share status updates, invite Facebook friends and publish activities to Facebook.

  1. Increase signup rate with Facebook Connect.
  2. Allow members to pull in their existing Facebook avatar.
  3. Facebook Connect users may publish their status update back to Facebook