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PWC04 | Item Rentals Application

Item Rentals Application :


PWC04 | Xitranet’s© Item Rental "Special Application" | “FastWeb VM2 Item Rentals” :


This special implementation of Xitranet’s© VirtueMart© #2 on-line eCommerce shop 'EcomPro©' includes a unique feature which gives owners of this Supa-Site© 'Type' the ability to offer 'Item Rentals' & 'Items For Sale' to their Customers through their On-line shop.

Super Important Feature:

Using this Application your Customers can 'Rent' multiple different items & 'Purchase' products in the same transaction:

For Example: Your Customers could add multiple “rental Items” with different rental periods to their shopping cart, then add “items for sale” (If any) from your product range to their shopping cart & then proceed to “Checkout” where they could enter a discount code / coupon (If any – example: VIP Card #) then pay for their entire selection with one “Checkout” transaction.

Most rental systems are designed to rent just one item for a fixed period of time (a room for a night, a car for a week etc).

This “Rent One Item” approach means that a customer wishing to rent a selection of items (eg: Several Tools) would have to individually “Checkout” & pay for each rental item (Tool) one at a time, and then after each “Checkout’ return to the index, find the next item (Tool), check it out & so on & so on.

If you are in an industry which rents multiple items & sells consumables as well (Eg: Building supplies = Rent tools, sell paint - or - Costume Hire = Rent Suit, Rent Dress, sell Face Paint) then this is the rentals system is right for you.

An further example might be:

  1. Rent mechanical digger for 7 days
  2. Rent orbital sander for 1 day
  3. Buy 10lt of paint
  4. Buy 2 x Paint Brushes
  5. Enter one VIP discount code, then pay for the lot with one payment.

With this Supa-Site© Type you can offer your Customers the option to rent multiple products for a fixed price for any period of time your Customer chooses & allow them to purchase products at the same time with one transaction & pay for the lot with one payment.

Note: The minimum item rental period available through this system is one (1) day.

Sample Screen Layout Example | Video Rental :


Customizable rental item terms :

Create Unlimited 'From / Untill' days :

You can create unlimited 'from/till' days (term) with associated price ranges for every product. This means that you can vary the rental price p/day for a Customer who rents an item for just one day, or for a Customer who rents that item for a week.

Customers select from/till dates with the help of calendar on the front-end. Admin can customize the number of months shown on the calendar on the front-end and set its number per row.


Deposit & Insurance fields

Every product has extra deposit and insurance fields :

If a value isn’t entered into that field for that product that field is not enabled (visible) on the front-end.


For more information on the 'VirtueMart' On-Line Shop Application upon which this Supa-Site 'Type' is built, please Click the 'VirtueMart' Logo below.