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Appointments Booking App :


This 'Core Application' is included within these Supa-Site© 'Types' :

PWC08 : Xitranets© On-Line Appointments Bookings Application

This is a powerful yet simple to configure & use appointment booking Application for your office, workshop or clinic. Appontments can either be 'Booked For Free' or 'Deposit Payment With Booking' (Using PayPal) OR 'Pre-Payment In Full' (Using PayPal).

OS Bookings 'Admin' 'Control Panel' : 

OS Bookings Main Features :

OS Services Booking - Is a Appointment Booking & Schedule Application which is used for taking Online & Offline Service Bookings.

This Application is extremely powerful and flexible yet easy to setup & use.
  1. Unlimited 'Service Categories', Service 'Venues', 'Services' (Appointment types) and 'Employees' (Staff Members).
  2. 'Staff Members' can work at multiple 'Venues'.
  3. Two (2) 'Service Appointment' 'Timeslots' types support: Standard (Normal) and Custom.
  4. Easiy to manage 'Orders' list. Orders can be directly added to your 'Booking System' from the 'Backend' of Your SupaSite©.
  5. Payment plugins included for : Offline Payment, Paypal, Paypal Pro(Credit card), Authrize.net, Worldpay, Sagepay and Eway payment gateways support.
  6. Flexible 'Coupon' feature (Can integrate with your SupaSite's© 'VIP Club Card' system for Member Discounts).
  7. Automatic 'Appointment Booking' confrimation Emails to Customers.
  8. Easy to manage Email and SMS setup templates.
  9. 'Custom fields' feature with optional additional cost for each extra field.
  10. Multiple Report types.
  11. Easy to use 'Frontend' Services (Appointment) booking interface.
  12. Can allow Appointment 'Repeat Bookings' by days, weeks and months
  13. Employee's (Staff Member) 'Frontend' layout : Staff can view their 'Appointment Calendar' & 'Appointment Bookings' from the 'Frontend' of your SupaSite
  14. Customer 'Frontend' layout  : Customers can 'Login' & view their 'Appointment Bookings' & 'Appointment History'
  15. Automatically generated 'PDF' invoices.
  16. Google GCalendar integration (Optional).
  17. ClickAtell SMS integration (Optional).

Note : Due to the way time calculations are performed in OS Bookings,  OS Bookings is not suitable for use as a 'Reservations' system where reservations can span full or multiple days. For information on our 'Reservations' system 'VIKbookings' Application, Click Here.

Frontend : Default Supa-Site© 'Appointments' Booking Page.

Final 'Appointments Booking Page - Summary :

This Application Features: