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Supa-Site© Integrated Application :


PWC42 : Xitranets© 'Advanced Tabulated Data Display' Application.

Supertable 'Admin' 'Control Panel' : 

'SuperTable' gives you powerful control over the display of tabular data. 

Example Usage :

The process for creating a "SuperTable" is as follows :

  1. Create a 'Table' inside an 'Article'.
  2. Your new 'Table' will appear within your "Article" looking like this  (Blank 'Columns & Rows') :







  1. Next, you type in some 'Data' for your 'Table' by Clicking in each 'Cell' :
Heading Column #1 = "Name" Heading Column #2 = "Price"
Item #1 $100.00
Item #2 $250.00
  1. Next, you add 'SuperTable Mark-Up' To Your basic 'Table' : You do this by typing in a 'Curley Braket Syntax String' - Before your 'Table' - & another 'Curley Bracket Syntax String' - 'After' your 'Table'Using the 'Data' from the above example, this is how your final 'Table' will look when viewed from within your 'Article' in 'Backend' of your Supa-Site© :


This is how that same "Table" will appear when displayed in the "Frontend" of your Supa-Site© : 

Heading Column #1 = "Name"
Item #1
Item #2
Heading Column #2 = "Price"

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