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PWC38 | BT Google Maps

Supa-Site© Integrated Application :


PWC38 : BT Google Maps With 'Location Markers'

This 'Integrated Application' adds global 'Google Map' functionality to your Supa-Site©. BT Google Maps can display your place/s of business location using either 'Street Address' or 'Latitude & Longitude' Coordinates. On each Map you can have multiple 'Markers' with a 'Marker' for your location plus unlimited number of markers showing the location of items such as 'Parking', 'Railway', 'Petrol' etc.

Your Supa-Site© comes with two instances of BT Google Maps enabled :

  1. 'Location-01' : Default map (Published) which is designed to show your principal place of business
  2. 'Location-02' : Option second place of business location map (un-published).

BT Google Map Markers :

Your Supa-Site© comes with a selection of 'Map Markers' which you can easily apply to your location maps providing your Customers with extra map/location related information such as nearest parking, nearest rail links etc.

BT Google Maps 'Control Panel' : 

Displays your Supa-Site's© two pre-configured 'Location Maps' ready for fast 'Editing'

BT Goole Maps : Included 'Map Marker' Types :

BT Google Maps : Typical 'Location-01' Map With 'Map Markers' (Showing 'Parking' & 'Rail')