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Supa-Site© Integrated Application :


PWC33 : Xitranets© "Help Desk" Application | "Akeebs Help Desk Tickets©"

Akeeba Help Desk Tickets (ATS) is the professional quality but easy to use Helpdesk / Help Ticketing system included within your Supa-Site©. The 'Akeeba Help Desk Tickets' Application is designed to enhance your Customer support services facilities & improve your Customer satisfaction levels by offering 'Two-way' communication between your Supa-Site© & your Customer.

Akeeba Help Desk Tickets 'Control Panel' : 


Akeebs Help Desk Tickets Features :

  1. An unlimited number of 'User' accounts.
  2. An unlimited number of 'Category's' (e.g. Technical Support, Billing, Sales - Default is 'Help Required').
  3. An unlimited number of Priorities (e.g. Emergency, High, Medium, Low).
  4. An unlimited number of Ticket Statuses (e.g. Open, Closed, In Progress).
  5. An unlimited number of file attachments pet ticket, with automatic file attachment pruning.
  6. Reporting using Google Chart Tools.

 Note : For security reasons, your Akeeba Help Desk Tickets system is pre-configured to be only available to 'Registered' Members of your Supa-Site©. Access to 'Help Desk' Tickets is offered to 'Registered' Members via an option on their 'Registered Member Menu'.

Help Desk Screens :

Akeeba Help Desk Tickets | 'Frontend' 'Create / View A Help Desk Ticket' Screen :


Akeeba Help Desk Tickets | 'Admin' (Backend) 'Help Desk Ticket' List Screen :


Note : Your Supa-Site's Akeeba Help Desk Tickets system comes pre-configured with one (1) 'Category' called 'Help Required' & is ready to use without the need for any particular modification. If you don't want to offer a 'Help Desk Ticket' service to your 'Registered Members' simply 'Unpublish' the 'Help Desk' 'Menu Item' on your 'Registered Member Menu'.