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PWC35 | Paid Event Tickes Application

Paid Event Tickets Application :


This 'Core Application' is included within these Supa-Site© 'Types' :

PWC35 : Xitranets© Paid Event Tickets &  Bookings Application | "jTicketCenter"

jTicketCenter allows you to sell 'Event Tickets' On-line through your Supa-Site©.

jTicketCenter 'Admin' 'Control Panel' : 

jTicketCenter Features :

  1. Events: Manage and view Events in various formats including by category / performer / venue / city / state / country.
  2. Venues: Manage and view venues in various formats including by city / state / county.
  3. Performers: Create and manage performers, assign performers to categories.
  4. Events page: Display events by a place (Venue / City) or by perfomer.
  5. Order: Order control and information.
  6. Send E-Tickets.
  7. Smart Tickets Availability Management (STAM).
  8. Payment Methods: PayPal, Cash At The Door, PayPal Pro.

Frontend : jTicketCenter 'Event List By Venue' Screen.

Frontend : Typical jTicketCenter 'Event Ticket Booking' Screen.