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PWC36 | Amazon S3 Storage

Supa-Site© Integrated Application :


PWC30 : Amazon S3 Remote Backup Storage

This Application integrates into 'Akeeba Backup Professional' to provide remote storage for your Supa-Site© Backups. Note : To use this facility you must create your own account with Amazon.

This Application makes use of Amazon.com's 'S3' Cloud Storage facility to provide 'Remote Storage' of your Supa-Sites© 'Backups'. Storing your backups on Amazon's 'S3' service ensures that if the Server that Hosts your Supa-Site© crashes due to to technical failure, hacker assult or whatever (& this does happen), your Supa Site© Backups are safely stored in a remote location from which you can quicly 'Restore' you Supa-Site©.

Note : 'Amazon S3' Backup storage option is only enabled for 'Full Version' Supa-Sites© & to use this facility you must create your own account with Amazon.. Backup of 'Get Started' Supa-Sites© is to local Xitranet© 'Get Started Hosting Server' only.